DOSLib, is a library of AutoLISP-callable functions that provides a variety of Windows operating system capabilities to AutoCAD. Written as an AutoCAD ObjectARX application, DOSLib extends AutoLISP to provide the following functions:

  • Drives: Check for drives, change between drives, and check available disk space.
  • Paths: Manipulate path specifications.
  • Folders: Create, rename, remove, select, and change folders. Return special operating system folders.
  • Files: Copy, delete, move, rename, and select files; get directory listings, search and find multiple instances of files, and change file attributes.
  • Print: Get and set default printers, and spool print files.
  • Configuration: Manipulate Windows-style initialization (INI) files, and access the Windows Registry.
  • Processes: Run internal OS commands or other programs.
  • Interface: Get strings, integers, reals, and lists from the user. Display Windows message boxes, progress meters, and splash screens.
  • Strings: Tokenize strings, extract characters, find characters, insert, remove, and replace characters, and trim characters.
  • AutoCAD: Save all and close all open files. Preview drawings and list xrefs.
  • System: Get system information, sort lists, change the system date and time, manipulate the keyboard, and play sounds.

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